Heidi Heikkala from Sound Benefits Solutions has been so helpful finding my family insurance! Medical Insurance can be so confusing, but Heidi is always there to help with questions! I appreciate all she’s done to help me and would highly recommend her to anyone needing insurance!
—Julianne Long

Heidi combines great customer service with care and compassion. She is a pro at matching the right benefits with each individual she serves and always maintains a cheerful, professional demeanor. Heidi is a great asset and just the right person to have in your corner!
—Darlin Gray, Owner, Darlin Gray Worldwide

Hi Heidi:
I know that we told you thank you in person however I felt that just wasn’t enough to say and therefore decided to send you this thank you note.
As you remember; we met you when we had questions with Red’s insurance coverage.
You were so helpful in explaining and answering all of our questions then so now that it’s my turn to make these decisions and fill out forms correctly; there was no way I wanted to go to anyone else.
You are not only helpful; but courteous; kind and personable as you listen to all of our questions and ask important questions that we may have forgotten to ask.
Again, thank you so much and I look forward to staying in touch with you.

I know my insurance was a project I needed to pay attention to, but every time I thought about it I felt overwhelmed, so it was easy to keep putting it off. I finally made the call to Heidi and immediately I felt better. She explained all of the terms that I didn’t understand and walked me through my options step by step. The application took a little bit of time, but even then she was there to answer every question I had. After that it was a piece of cake. Heidi is definitely my go-to solution for my insurance needs and I would recommend her to anyone.
—Sara Harvey Yao, Founder of Yao Consulting Group, LLC