Tips for getting the right kind of care

I just saw this quick article in the Herald Health (March 2012) about when to use a Walk-in Clinic vs. the Emergency room. Here are some helpful tips on how to decide where to go when a health issue pops up that can’t wait for an appointment with your regular doctor.
Walk-in Clinic: colds, flu symptoms, sore throat, cough, ear pain, minor burns, scrapes/lacerations, sprains, possible fractures, asthma, pediatric illnesses, abdominal pain, rash/hives, stings/bites, allergies, fevers, headaches, urinary symptoms, foreign object in eye/nose, and work related injuries.
Emergency room:
chest pain, amputation of limbs or deep wounds, sudden confusion/weakness/dizziness/difficulty speaking, severe head injuries with loss of consciousness or seizures, major burns, vomiting blood, smoke or chemical inhalation, poisoning/overdoses and suicidal behavior, physical or sexual assault, and pregnancy complications over 20 weeks including labor/bleeding/decreased fetal movement.