Privacy Policy

Sound Benefit Solutions provides you with information regarding all types of insurance and allows you to get an instant quote on Health insurance as well as request a quote for other coverage(s).

The SBS website is a resource for insurance information as well as a place to request quotes on all types of insurance. Your information will NOT be sold or used in any way other than what the information’s purpose was intended. We never give, sell, rent, lease or otherwise transfer your name or information to any person or entity other than the insurance company you are applying to (which may include investigative agencies, outside paramedical firms, which are used in the normal course of underwriting). Our goal is to provide you with an accurate quote and that is why your personal data is needed and requested.

If you are uncomfortable in sharing your information online, you also have the option of emailing SBS or contacting us by phone (425-953-4395).

When you buy insurance through Sound Benefit Solutions, you will remain in control of your purchase decisions at all times. We are dedicated to making the decision making, buying and applying for insurance process as fast, private and easy as possible